"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein






















Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at International Language Headquarters is to inspire our every student to develop a true passion for learning. This belief is in contrary to those held by many other learning centers in Hong Kong, which seem to focus almost entirely on “tipping” exam questions. Although we do not deny the importance of studying past papers, it is only a very narrow channel to study effectively, especially for language-related disciplines. Furthermore, students often fall into the trap of memorizing answers from past papers without fully understanding the underlying concepts. As a result, they develop a “tunnel-vision” for learning – being able to see new ideas from only one perspective, as opposed to exploring them from multiple dimensions.

We do not agree with this unhealthy teaching method by other tutorial centers, and we certainly do not recommend students to study through meaningless memorizations. In contrast, we strongly believe that consistent achievements of academic excellence must start from a solid foundation of comprehension. Students must have a strong passion for learning in order to build a strong foundation.

At Headquarters, our mission is to help ignite this fire of passion within every student. This is done through our specially-designed courses, which provide the necessary knowledge and stimulation. Our highly-qualified teachers are also committed to challenge students to look at learning from a non-traditional perspective, a teaching method uniquely found at Headquarters. This is an extremely critical aspect in developing a genuine passion for learning. We strongly believe the learning potential of every student is unlimited, and our professional guidance can help students to effectively utilize their talents. Headquarters is where the journey to academic success begins!